Production Company Role Director
Paintbox Jane Company Westbrook Raoul Dufy Tim Goodwin
A Bigger Show Company Westbrook Caretaker Tim Goodwin
Dominion Theatre Hub The Man Jane Windsor-Smith
The Winters Tale Orange Tree Theatre Polixenes/Autolycus James Brining
The Price of Love Proteus Theatre Co. Belli/Giorgio James Brining
The Mystery Plays Orange Tree Theatre Adam, Noah, Hero Peter Leslie Wild
Present Laughter Bill Kenwright Fred Richard Olivier
The Virtuous Burglar Orange Tree Theatre The Burglar Sean Holmes
Return of the Prodigal Orange Tree Theatre Baines Peter Leslie Wild
Last King of Devonport Part Exchange Rocky Devonport Steve Marmion
Nothing Personal Searchlight Theatre Co. Phil Dunmore Josephine Larsson
A Knight for a Knave Orange Tree Theatre Malvolio Peter Leslie Wild
The Magic Island Orange Tree Theatre The Goblin Peter Leslie Wild
Enemy to the People
National Tour:
English Shakespeare Co. See below:
Julius Caesar English Shakespeare Co. Mark Antony Tim Carroll
Antony and Cleopatra English Shakespeare Co. Mark Antony Tim Carroll
Coriolanus English Shakespeare Co. Menenius Tim Carroll
The Bell Orange Tree Theatre The King Peter Leslie Wild
The Tempest Orange Tree Theatre Prospero Richard Georgeson
Watcher in the Rain Rose Theatre James Joyce David Beaton
Romeo and Juliet Orange Tree Theatre Friar/Tybalt Peter Leslie Wild
Macbeth Orange Tree Theatre Macbeth Peter Leslie Wild
Danton’s Death Rude Mechanicals Simon/Fouquier Margarethe Forsythe
Real Long John Silver Battersea Arts 4 leads (4 Plays) Peter Leslie Wild.