Take two people with similar backgrounds. They may be roughly the same age, come from the same social class. Both have good educational qualifications. Yet one is a good salesperson while the other struggles to connect with clients and close sales. Why?

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The reasons that make some people more effective than others has been a source of fascination to psychologists and philosophers for centuries. In 1975, two researchers, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, published a book called ‘The Structure of Magic’. The book was an examination of people who were pre-eminent in their fields: the family therapist Virginia Satir, hypnotist Milton Erikson and psycho-analyst Fritz Perls.

A process called ‘modelling’ was used to examine what it was that these people did that made them so effective. Developing the use of these techniques, along with theories of language (in particular, transformational grammar) developed by Noam Chomsky, Alfred Korzybski and Gregory Bateson, a new discipline called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed. The Meta-Model, a structured process that actively challenges a client’s linguistic and neurological preconceptions, developed by Bandler and Grinder, can be used to train anyone to utilise the same techniques used by successful communicators.

Tim is a fully qualified Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP. He studied with NLP founder Richard Bandler, hypnotist Paul McKenna and linguistic expert Michael Breen. He also has a first class honours degree in psychology and a wealth of performance and communication experience derived from his 35+ years as a professional actor, teacher and presenter. Tim has trained individuals and groups in the public and private sector, been involved in the continuing professional development of actors and performers, lectured in psychology and performing arts at university level as well as having a growing number of private clients.

Utilising techniques derived from NLP, psycho-physical actor training and cognitive psychology, Tim’s sessions are unique in that they combine proven practical exercises from a variety of disciplines and can be tailor-made to fit individual or group requirements. Tim has previously delivered training in sales, motivation, communication skills, public speaking, presentation skills, inter and intra group co-operation as well as one-to-one sessions on increasing confidence, battling depression, improving relationships and breaking habitual maladaptive behavioural patterns.














Training can be delivered cost-effectively in group sessions and when you make the decision to contact Tim, you will be pleasantly surprised at the range of training sessions and price options available. Individual training and therapy sessions are also available on request.